Egg Hunt Program MLB The Show 24

Egg Hunt

Program added Friday March 29, 2024

The MLB The Show 24 has introduced an exciting Easter celebration within its Diamond Dynasty mode with the Egg Hunt. You complete the program through the collection of 10 elusive eggs. The quest for these eggs presents a significant challenge, as they are dispersed across various game modes within Diamond Dynasty, and the tasks required to acquire them are a mystery.

We've got you covered, though. Learn how to find all of the Eggs below.

Egg Hunt Tasks

0 / 10
Complete moments found on main screen (NOT in Diamond Dynasty)
Complete Starter Showdown moment 2
Steal a base in Ranked
Win Play vs CPU vs Orioles, Blue Jays or Cardinals. Any difficulty.
Get On Base with Wade Boggs in Battle Royale
Exchange 15 Jellybeans. Found in packs and the Egg Hunt conquest map
Hit a triple (Play vs CPU, Mini Seasons, Ranked, Events, BR)
Hit 2 Doubles in Events
Win a game in Classic Mini-Seasons All-Star difficulty
Defeat Orioles on Egg Hunt conquest map

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